Get creative with Product placement

If you are trying to promote old, current or new products and need some stunning new imagery to go with them, then Samantha is perfect for you.

Combining her creativity and keen eye Samantha can brighten up those tired product banners your currently using and give them all new life.

As well as shooting the creative side of product imagery Samantha also captures  perfect shots for digital shop displays, getting the product to do all the talking so no background is required.

Product photography is again split into three sections, these are: eCommerce, Marketting and Product launch. If any of these are what your looking for then Samantha Taylor is the person for the job.

If eCommerce is the main target then sometimes a simple plain approach can work very well as not to over complicate the display area the images would be used for.If marketting is the desired area the photos are intended for then some of the more creative pictures would be ideal to show consumers exaclty what they can get out of the product.Finally if you have a new product then it will need some glamourous shots for the product launch for either banners and display boards or online advertisments.

Promote your New and Fresh Products

For that keen eye required to promote your new and old products with incredible detail, Samantha Taylor has the perfect package for you!

Marketting from £199

Get those new and creative shots to get consumers hooked on your products.

eCommerce from £99

Update your online shop or website with product defining images courtesy of Samantha Taylor.

Product Launch from £199

Capture the truely breathtaking impact of your product launch with proffesional photos by Samantha Taylor.